During the month of September we put 563 miles on our supercharged 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata project car. Suited for all types of driving: rally, track, or street. Well it's intended for NA but worked just fine w/ my NB. MPI-D3-15 $ 289.00. mx5 miata parts 90-97 - miata soft tops - miata hardtop - miata interior parts 90-97 - miata exterior parts 90 . Momo quick disconnect steering wheel Mazda Comp suspension & adjustable links 1999 shock hats & legal aluminum spacers . When our competition goes home for the weekend, we go racing and driving in our Mazda! This MOMO OEM Subaru. MOMO 3503 - MOMO Racing Steering Wheel Installation Kits MOM-3503. All Brands . Features a flat bottom for greater movement of drivers legs. Spec Miata SM Kit: MOMO Steering Wheel Mod 88 + NRG SRK-160H Miata hub + NRG Quick Release SRK-250BK. . by Craymon | Nov 14, 2018 | Car For Sale. It's in great shape, but I replaced it with another Momo that was 100% less multi-colored. 1990 Spec Miata SM - $13,000. That would look awesome on a Spec Miata. BaT History (1 entry) Email me if this is listed again. AVAILABLE NOW ON SALE NOW $ 150$ 195. accessories. Order now and get free UK and Worldwide delivery with 0% finance. HKB Steering Wheel Adapter (universal for Momo, Nardi..) [1/10/2005] Reviewed by: Jim Fennessy - jim_fennessy@hotmail.com. Momo Momo Podium Wheels - Package Deal $650.00 Momo Podium Wheels package deal includes; Four Momo Wheels plus a set of our 17mm lug nuts. SOLD 1990 Spec Miata - One of the cleanest and best looking SM's you will find - Currently setup for tall driver with aft mounted seat and extended removable steering wheel - Can meet new 2285 weight limit with 190 lb driver, with . Gianpiero Moretti founded MOMO in 1964 after commissioning a local craftsman to produce a custom steering wheel for his own race car. Part Number: MOM-3503. It was founded by race car driver Gianpiero Moretti in 1964. momo wheels. 1990 Miata with replacement long nose crank 1.6 at some point. 1993 mazda spec miata/racecar built by planet miata only 10 hours on engine and trans car was building very impressive history as it got fully developed toward the end of 2008 season second place o its most recent abcc race with 3 time indy 500 driver tom bagley driving making over 120 wheel hp and 106 torque every . Guaranteed lowest price! Viewing 2 of 10. Color * Silver Offset * 25mm $145.00 $129.00 - + Add to cart Overview Reviews The best wheel guys in the business, Momo has designed a new wheel specifically for SpecMiatas. Shopping Cart: 0 item(s . $10,000. MOMO STEERING WHEELS. Kakashi Racing's Spec Miata is SOLD!!! This is a quality made product. Lot #25268. . NRG Gen 2.0 Quick Release Kit (Black/Titanium Chrome Ring) Fits: All Jeeps (Universal), Universal - Fits all Vehicles. MPI-F2-13-PX $ 229.00. Go Miata - Mazda MX-5 Miata parts and Mazda MX-5 Miata Accessories at low discount prices. MOMO GOTHAM STEERING WHEEL. Estimated Ship Date: May 31, 2022. MOMO is a leading manufacturer of superior steering wheels, road wheels, shift knobs, boots, pedals, hubs, seats, etc. . Momo custom designed SpecMiata wheel. MOMO also offers a New Spec. MOMO GTR2 STEERING WHEEL. Account; team@5xracing.com; Home; Mazda OEM Parts . AUDI RS 3 LMS OFFICIAL WHEEL ON SALE NOW LEARN MORE MPI SIMMAX COLLECTION LEARN MORE MPI SIMMAX COLLECTION. Sold by 911r to miataracer1728 for $34,750 November 18, 2019 In stock. BRAND NEW BUILD! NRG Innovations FRP-310 Bucket Seat (Medium) Black. MOMO Wheels have arrived - posted in Spec Miata (SM): Advanced Autosports just received a shipping container full of MOMO Podium Spec Miata Wheels. I have the Momo wheel from the project CRX up on ebay: Linky Linky. These are designed to meet the Spec Miata rules, but will look and perform fantactic on your street-based Miata as well. Private Seller - ajetdr . 13.3lbs. Listed By skrimshaw90. Ships from and sold by Revspeed Automotive. Wheels were specifically designed with a +48mm offset to increase the track width over stock while keeping the wheel/tire combo within the stock fenders of car, reducing or eliminating the need to rol the fenders. Momo steering wheel with Porsche style disconnect, Recaro FIA seat and good belts, wide mirror, are just some of features. 1994 Mazda Spec Miata -. Available in Silver or Gunmetal Shipping available at buyers expense. 1994 Mazda Spec Miata -. Also not to be confused . Fits and 6x70mm steering wheel.This adapter will allow you to mount your 6-bolt MOMO or other 6x70mm pattern steering wheel to the steering column on Mazda 323, Prot& ;eacute;g& ;eacute; 1989-1994, 626 07/1980-1991, 929 up to 1991, B2000, GLC 1980-1985, Miata 1989-1997, RX7 1980-1985 vehicles with tilt or telescopic steering column. . A Momo Mod 88 steering wheel, which features a flat bottom for increased legroom, was bolted to an NRG quick release and replaced the stock wheel. This car has been excellent finisher in SCCA races here . Glad to see the wheel . MPI-DO-14-C-PX $ 259.00. Because we race what we sell, and we share our expertise with you! Add to cart. Viewing 2 of 10. +1 for a good car and good driver! . A subreddit for all those who have owned, driven, raced, admired, or had anything ever to do with a Mazda MX-5. 25 offset, should have a dedicated 54.1 center bore that fits the Miata and MK1 Mr2 with no needed rings. The seller claims to have more than $25k into the car, which sports a recently rebuilt engine with one season's track work-only new harnesses are needed to pass scrutineering for another. 13.6lbs each Recessed spokes eliminate the potential for wheel to wheel contact. home : mx5 miata parts 99-05 : miata wheels & tires : momo wheels. 1993 mazda mx-5 miata additional info: 1993 mazda mx-5 spec miata race car . Add to cart. Call us with any questions: 1-833-287-6088. 1992 Spec Miata For Sale. Miata Wheel Info. Racing Beat CAI Raceland header Magnaflow cat Bosal Spec Miata SS exhaust (Mazdaspeed) Flying Miata front sway bar IFRA steering wheel, Momo hub Recognizing that I wish to focus on the ITA NX2000 in 2005, I have reluctantly decided to put up the Spec Miata for sale. Free Shipping on Orders Over $155 Account. TunersDepot Offers Free Shipping for Mazda Miata MX-5 Steering Wheels by MOMO, Sparco, Tunersdepot - Free Shipping for Miata MX-5 Steering Wheels - Buy It Now! . Rust free Engine makes 122hp Bilstein coil overs Momo Wheels Ultra Shield race seat Minor paint marks on rear bumper, passenger side (donut marks), and roof Re-painted front bumper and left front fender for . The Gen 2.5 quick release was 2.43" (62mm) between the mounting flanges. Miata wheel that is 13.6 lbs for $130 a wheel and designed to hold up to the abuse of Spec. V2 Motorsports - Spec. New Momo MonteCarlo steering wheel; LTB Motorsports quick-release hub and adapter; New Mazda Motorsports spec exhaust system (including cat replacement pipe) . Search for 1000's of Mazda Miata Custom Wheels using our custom search tool for rims and tires. Further said to be a fast, podium finishing . steering rack, clutch, transmission, exhaust, radiator, racing seat, momo belts, wheels, etc. We use this steering wheel on many Vorsh $10,000. Press J to jump to the feed. Carcass decided on Konig Rewind Graphite wheels mounted on Spec Miata-approved 205/50R15 Toyo Proxes RR tires. Oh, also, it's cheap. Spec Miata Suspension; Two Sets of Wheels; Custom Livery Wrap; Private Party or Dealer: Dealer.

Seven (7) black - 7"x15" wheels 4x100 bolt pattern 25 offset with used 225/45-15 Hankook RS-4 tires mounted and balanced. $10,000. A few more finishing touches included a Schroth Profi II 6-Hans harness, CorkSport aluminum shift knob, Longacre kill switch, and Safety Solutions center net. ACT Clutch, Fresh Transmission, custom cage with Petty Bar, Aluminum Bulk Head Covers, Racetech seat Momo Wheel w/ Quick release, Digital Air/fuel meter. Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + Steering wheel adapter designed spec to fit a NA Miata w/ no airbag harness adapter but will work fine w/ a NB.

HKB Steering Wheel Adapter (universal for Momo, Nardi..) [1/10/2005] Reviewed by: Jim Fennessy - jim_fennessy@hotmail.com. The 2012 Stats are in! MOMO Steering Wheel Mod 88 Black Suede 320mm NEW. Price: $145.00 Jongbloed Spec Miata Racing Wheels. The steering wheel is 12.6" (320mm) and 1.21" (31mm) from the mounting flange to the face. 90-05 Mazda Miata MX-5s TD steering wheel hubs are a good alternative to name brand Miata MX-5 steering wheel hubs which do the same thing but . Hollow Spoke Wheels; Tire Weights; NA/NB Miata Wheel Spec. Show phone number. There has never been an easier or more complete wheel search available on any other website. . Get started by selecting your vehicle in the search box above. For Sale: 1992 Spec Miata with spares and tools - $13,000 Features Cage by Flatout Motorsports - NASCAR bars on both sides . Get a Brand New set of 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 Steering Wheels by MOMO, Sparco, Tunersdepot at Tuners Depot - We Beat any Prices for 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5 Steering Wheels - Call us now at 877-968-8688 . . Miata, Lotus Elise, Exige, DSR and Sports Cars. Car was gone through and prepared in the off season for 2020 but. You can narrow down your search by choosing specific rims sizes including 16 inch wheels, 17 . AVAILABLE NOW ON SALE NOW $ 150$ 195. accessories. Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + Steering wheel adapter designed spec to fit a NA Miata w/ no airbag harness adapter but will work fine w/ a NB. MOMO Steering Wheel Mod 88 Black Suede 320mm NEW. Fitment Industries | Create Your Custom Car | Wheels, Tires, and . Part Number: MOM-3503. David S. Wallens Editorial Director 4/12/11 11:14 a.m. JUN, 2022 Facebook; Twitter; youtube . 39. TunersDepot Offers Free Shipping for Mazda Miata MX-5 Steering Wheels by MOMO, Sparco, Tunersdepot - Free Shipping for Miata MX-5 Steering Wheels - Buy It Now! OK, so here's your chance to own a piece of GRM history. 1990 Mazda Miata Race Car Built for SCCA and NASA Spec Miata racing This is a complete racing package to get you going in one of the largest and most competitive . The wheel (not pictured) is a Momo 78. A classic, lightweight, 6 spoke design, made using revolutionary rotary forged flow forming technology. Add to cart Buy. Additional Charges From This Dealer: USD $0. Viewing 9 of 10. . This 1990 Mazda Miata is described as a (nearly) fully compliant spec race car with an impressive build sheet. - Momo steering wheel with Sweet disconnect - G-Force cam lock FIA belts good until 2011 It was the first to create the collapsible hub for aftermarket steering wheels. . 3 offers from $278.35. This is not to be confused with "Spec Miata," which is the one-model racing series in which everyone drives the same model of car. Miata Silicone Radiator Hose Kit 1999-2005 Miata. Buy MOMO 5702 at JEGS: MOMO Mazda Steering Wheel Adapter 7/1980-85 Mazda RX-7. Package Height: 5.5. Listed By skrimshaw90. . * FREE SHIPPING $278.20 Installed, the new wheel is 3.48" (88mm) from the end of the steering shaft to the face of the wheel, about 0.1" (2mm) closer to the driver than the OE wheel. The seat is a 16" Ultrashield VS Road Race Halo (20 deg layback). Show phone number. Anyone waiting for these to arrive, we will start shipping today. Available in black suede covering only. 15x7 with 25mm off set. Spec Miata Racing Wheels. Featured Products At MPI. 199X Spec Miata project for sale white comes with Momo seat, 1 RJ-head shaped dent in roof interior. Located in British Columbia, Canada. 1990-1997 mx-5 miata popular brands. $299.95. $259.95. Press J to jump to the feed. 4.3 out of 5 stars. Most important, however, is the roll cage, a cage unlike any other you'll ever encounter in a Spec Miata. NA & NB Miata Wheels from 5X Racing. Here's an interesting aside: The steering wheel is a period late 80s MOMO Monte Carlo with red stitching, at a time when you could order them in myriad colors and stitch patterns. 4x100 bolt pattern. This Listing. Its a 1990 Miata converted into a Spec Miata (SM) and I race with the National Auto Sports Association. Driftworks stock thousands of Alloy Wheels in Birmingham from all the leading alloy wheel brands including Work, JR Wheels and BBS to give your car the impact it deserves.

*Spec maita Front sway bar *Spec miata Rear sway bar *Spec miata shocks and coilover springs *One set of kosier wheel with used r888 *One set of kosier wheel with used Ra1 *One set of kosier wheel with Ra1 rain tires *Momo racing seat with slider *Quick removable steering wheel *Msd lazer gauge (5) oil persur, rpm, water temp, voltage/ampage . NRG Innovations NRG-FRP-302BK Large Size Fiber Glass Bucket Racing Seat Black Alcantara. Toggle navigation. $123.20. The Momo Podium wheels check all the boxes for a Spec Miata, plus they're reasonably priced. 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata: Fuel Economy Update for September. That's a lot considering a Nardi Classic steering wheel is only 1" / 25.4mm deep. MOMO Podium Wheel, 25mm offset 4:100 13.4lbs Black for Miata , 15x7 Sorry, this product is not available at this time. MOMO Road Racing Track Wheels for the Mazda Miata MX-5 (ND) With over 50 years of experience, MOMO honors its roots with the Heritage Line of performance wheels for the 2016-2020 Mazda Miata MX-5 (ND).

120. Not included in sale but seen in pics: Ultrashield Seat (replaced with Momo), radio and mount, fire system and the AMB transponder. Spec Miata Racing Wheels . 2000 Spec Miata For Sale. Fully prepped Spec Miata / ITA racecar Clean title. Honda . Momo Podium Wheel Momo $175.00 Momo Podium Wheels - Package Deal Momo $650.00 Front Wheel Bearing 1990-2005 Miata Advanced Autosports From $205.80 Rear Wheel Bearing Snap Ring Retainer 1990-2005 Miata Advanced-Autosports $4.73 Front Wheel Bearing Seals, pair Save $15 Off $299, $25 Off $499, $50 Off $799, $100 Off $1,599 Orders .

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